Oak : Oak Kits

We supply Oak kits which are designed to be put together such as trusses or garden structures. These kits are carefully made out of high quality European Oak and require no further joinery work to put the frames together.

In order to make sure you know exactly what you are getting and to make sure you get the frame you would like we have developed advanced online builders which show a digitised model of the frame you are buying. With the custom controls you can easily customise your kit and get your price instantly.

Oak Trusses - Kits and Builder

Our Oak Trusses are suitable for both structural and decorative use, however, we do require that you get the Truss you would like signed off by a structural engineer and we will require a copy of the structural report before we can manufacture your order.

The Truss builder allows you to control a myriad of different things including:

  • Type of Truss
  • Roof Pitch Angle
  • Brace position and size
  • Tie Beam size and position
  • Wall Depth
  • Rafter Size

Oak Gazebos – Kits and Builder

Oak Gazebos are ideal for BBQ areas and covering hot tubs in your garden. We can make various shapes of Gazebos from square, rectangular, round and hexagonal. Although you don’t need a joiner, we do recommend that you get help from a professional builder when putting your Gazebo up.

Our Gazebo builder lets you control:

  • The shape of the Gazebo
  • The style of roof
  • Size
  • Boarding, Battens and shingles
  • Footings for your posts
  • Sidings

Oak Pergolas – Kits and Builder

The Pergolas we offer are ideal for public and private walkways. Design your own pergola and decide how you would like your crossmembers and headplates profiled. These pergolas are ideal going up against a building or being stand alone in your garden.

With our Pergola builder you have control over:

  • Size of your Pergola
  • Post footings
  • Profiled ends of crossmembers and headplates
  • Number of Crossmembers
  • Amount of Overhang
  • Overhang on one side only