Oak : Oak’s Versatility of Product

European Oak is an incredible timber that can be used for a range of projects, whether you are looking for a large air dried beam for aesthetic pleasure or a piece of prime Oak to mould into furniture.

Raw Material

We supply Kiln Dried, Green and Air dried Oak as a raw material ready for you to work with. We can supply the timber cut to size or planed all round in board form or as beams so that you can start your job.

Kiln dried Oak can be used for a number of internal joinery products including furniture, tables, shelving, worktops, interior trim, flooring and any other wooden solution you can think of. Furthermore, Oak’s extraordinary durability allows it to be used externally, as long as it is treated to prevent water movement.

The green and air dried beams are suitable for structural or decorative use. Although they are both suitable for external and interior use, air dried is favoured inside whilst green oak is more commonly used outside.

Working with Oak

Oak is good to work with, although there may be some blunting on tools due to it’s natural ruggedness.

When working on a smooth surface, Oak can be treated and glued satisfactorily. Oak can be fixed with stainless steel nails or screws, when working new the edges of the board though it is best to pre-bore the holes in order to avoid splitting.

Finished Products

We offer many finished kiln dried Oak products including cladding, flooring, decking, skirting and architrave. These products are machined to profile ready for you to treat and install. Even when using internally it is important to maintain the wood to make sure you get the full benefit from this incredible resource.

We also offer finished Green Oak Structures and structural trusses which are supplied in kit form ready for onsite assembly. All the mortise and tenon work is pre-done with these marvellous structures, so you get the garden structure you want with minimal fuss.