Oak : Oak’s Defining Qualities

Oak has many defining characteristics and strengths which make it one of the most popular timbers amongst joiners and carpenters. So, what makes Oak stand out from all of the other timbers out there?


The first of Oak’s many qualities is versatility. It is one of the few timbers we supply which is available Fresh Sawn, Air Dried and Kiln Dried. These different states of Oak have their own unique working window in which to get the most out of them.

There are also a variety of grades so that you get the timber required, in kiln dried the main differences between the grades is the knot content. However, in Green Oak there is also the structural strength to consider when choosing your grade as well as aesthetics.


Durability is another of this timber’s key characteristics. Oak can be used in internal and external environments for long periods of time. The wood can withstand large loads making it ideal for construction and can be used in marine environments in areas of high use like decks and walkways.

Oak’s incredible durability allows it to be used, as flooring in high traffic areas of the home or as exterior cladding, for many years.


As previously touched upon, Green and Air Dried Oak, is particularly strong and has been used in construction for centuries. Even now houses, barn conversions, garages and garden structures like Gazebos and Pergolas are built entirely from Oak.


The timber is good to work with which makes it ideal for joinery, furniture making and machining into a cladding.


Applying a treatment, like a sealant or varnish, is easy enough for the kiln dried boards. This means that you can get a nice finish to your end product when working on furniture and tabletops and make sure the timber doesn’t warp and remains stable when used externally.