Timber Knowledge: Oak

Where Does Oak Come From?;
The Oak we supply is sourced from three different places: America Mainland Europe England European and English Oaks are rather similar to each other
Oak’s Versatility of Product;
European Oak is an incredible timber that can be used for a range of projects, whether you are looking for
Oak Kits;
We supply Oak kits which are designed to be put together such as trusses or garden structures. These kits are
Grades of Oak;
There are different Grades of Oak available for the different species and products. PAR & CTS Species Grade(s) European Oak Prime Grade (Kiln Dried) Light Character
Oak Tree;
European & English Oak Tree The European Oak trees stand between 18m and 30m tall depending on growth conditions and the
European vs American Oak;
The European and American timbers differ from each other and they are both used for different kinds of work. So,
Prime and Light Character;
The two main grades of kiln dried European Oak that we supply are prime grade and light character. There are
Oak’s Defining Qualities;
Oak has many defining characteristics and strengths which make it one of the most popular timbers amongst joiners and carpenters.