Frequently Asked Questions : Our Waney Edge Cladding FAQ

Waney Edge cladding is the most traditional form of cladding and is the least uniform. The boards are overlapped like feather edge and you hide the one square edge with the waney edge showing.

People are starting to look for more traditional and rustic products and Waney Edge fits the bill. We are getting more and more enquiries for this kind of cladding and here are some of the more commonly asked questions.

What width are the boards?

The boards are on average 250mm wide however because the boards are none standard they are not the same. Also the width of each board will fluctuate as you go along the length.

How much should I overlap my waney edge cladding?

Due to the none-standard nature of the timber it is difficult to say how much you should overlap each board and it could change as you go along. We recommend that you over lap by 25% of the width of the board, this should give you enough overlap to cover the wall.

To make sure you have enough cladding we recommend ordering an additional 10% just to make sure you don’t run out.

Do I need to treat the timber?

As Waney Edge cladding is such a rustic looking product you can leave it untreated. This will allow the timber to go silvery grey and the timber will move as the moisture content of the timber changes.

If you would like to treat your cladding you could either seal it to stop water movement and let it go silvery grey or use a UV protection oil to keep the colour of your timber.

What timbers are available?

We only supply Waney Edge cladding in European Oak, English Oak, British Cedar, British Douglas Fir and British Larch. This is because imported timbers are shipped to Britain square edged so Waney Edge is not available.