Frequently Asked Questions : Our Tongue and Groove Cladding FAQ

Tongue and Groove Cladding is one of our most popular products so we tend to get asked about it quite a lot. Please carry on reading to find the answers to some of the more popular questions:

Can I secret fix/secret nail the boards?

On the following profiles the boards can be secret nailed:

  • IWC3
  • IWC4
  • IWC5

These are OK to secret fix because the tongues are long enough to be fixed whereas on the IWC1 and IWC2 the tongues are too small to secret fix without angling the screw.

Do you provide a v-jointed profile?

Yes, our IWC3 is v-jointed and our IWC4 has a half v-channel to help water run off. If you require a custom profile then please ask.

When fitting what gap should I leave between my tongue and groove cladding?

When fitting your cladding you have to allow for a slight gap between the boards to allow the timber to move (even if you have sealed it). If you fix the boards tight together then they could warp and start to split and your cladding will start to become uneven.

Can I order exact lengths?

In some cases, we can provide exact lengths, although, we do ask that you contact us first with the lengths you need to make sure we can supply them.

Normally we supply cladding in random lengths of various sizes depending on the species. (You can find out what lengths your cladding will come in on the buying page of your chosen species)

Do you send out samples?

Yes we can supply samples of our timber and cladding profiles all we need from you is a name and delivery address which you can provide over the chat or email to and then we’ll get a sample out to you.

We may not always be able to supply an exact match of your chosen profile and species however if this is the case we usually send out a timber sample for your species and profiled sample of another species so you still get an idea of how your profile looks and fits together and how your timber will look.

Can you match my own profile?

Yes, if you have a profile you would like to use or you would like different sizes on the profiles we already offer we can quote you for those. If you have your own profile then send through a drawing to so that we can get a price for you or if you want one of our profiles with a different width or thickness, send through the sizes and we’ll get a price for you.