External Cladding : Our Tiga Wood Cladding FAQ

Tiga wood is one of the new charred cladding timbers that we supply along with burnt black cladding. Tiga wood isn’t charred to that extent though and the wood is left with a charred grain and darker colour which gives it its name.

As one of our newer products we are getting a few questions about Tiga wood and here are some of the more frequent ones we are asked.

What species do you supply in Tiga Wood cladding?

As standard we would supply this cladding in British Larch because of its strong grain pattern and if you are charring it you are changing the original colour anyway which is one of the main things that people go for when buying their cladding. Also because of the Larch’s Orange colour the finished effects of Tiga Wood are even more striking.

If you would like to choose your species then please let us know what timber you would like to use and we will go from there.

What profiles are available?

We supply all of our profiles in Tiga Wood apart from Waney Edge. We only have a select few profiles on the website but there are still a range of tongue and groove, feather edge, shiplap and Rainshield profiles for you to choose from.

Do I need to treat the timber before installation?

No because the boards are all Danish oiled which seals and protects them. It is recommended that you retreat with Danish oil every 12-18 months. If left untreated then the wood could start expand/shrink as moisture enters and leaves the timber.

What are the current lead times?

We are currently working on 5-6 weeks for Tiga Wood cladding because of the charring and finishing which takes place on top of the usual machining/sawing to profile.

But what if I have more questions?

If you have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can either message us on our online chat, email us on enquiries@iwood.co.uk or call us on 01889 597 281.