Frequently Asked Questions : Our Rainscreen Cladding FAQ

Rainscreen is one of our more modern cladding products and has a minimalistic style of profile. When fitted the cladding is often put together in a uniform manner with all of the joins lining up so that a neat grid is formed.

As our cladding increases in popularity we are constantly getting questions about them so here are some of the most frequently asked about rainscreen cladding.

Can I secret Fix Rainscreen Cladding?

Unfortunately, because the cladding doesn’t overlap there isn’t a way to secret fix the boards themselves. However, you may be able to get fixing clips which you can fix to the wall and then clip the cladding into place. Make sure that the clips can hold the 142mm board, where necessary, we can machine to a smaller profile.

What gap should I leave between the boards?

We recommend leaving around a 12mm gap between the boards. This will still allow for a slight overlap whilst allowing the timber to move slightly without warping.

To get the uniform look can I get my cladding in all the same lengths?

In some cases it is possible to provide set lengths however if you do want set lengths please let us know so that we can check availability and bare in mind the price may increase.

Is there anything else I need to know?

You can find more information on Rainscreen cladding in the external cladding section of our website. You can also see the fitting and treatment guidelines once you have selected a species.

Each species is different when it comes to the knot content and original colour of the timber (they will all go silver grey over time) so it’s important to get a full understanding of each species before making your decision, so you get the best deal for you.