Frequently Asked Questions : Our Feather Edge Cladding FAQ

Feather edge cladding is one of the more traditional forms of cladding and is one of the go to products for sheds and garages. These boards are both cost effective and reliable and the sawn timber is ideal for outdoor use.

Below we answer some of the questions we get asked regularly about feather edge boards.

What lengths is feather edge cladding available in?

The lengths depend on the species that you select. The lengths you receive are provided randomly unless you have a specific length spec, in that case, please get in touch and ask if your lengths a can be produced.

Are feather edge boards fresh sawn?

Feather edge cladding is either fresh sawn or shipping airdried depending on the species you choose. Typically, Oak and the British Timbers are fresh sawn whereas the other foreign species are provided in shipping air dried.

How much should I overlap my cladding?

When getting a price on the website we allow for a 25mm overlap, if you would like to overlap your profile by more then you will have to adjust your quantity accordingly. You can find information on working out your quantity on each cladding product page. We don’t recommend overlapping any less.

Do you do a profile with a rebate?

As standard our profiles are not rebated however if this is something that you would like then please get in touch and we’ll get you a price. The rebate is used to stop the wood from curling up and your cladding will fit together tighter when over lapping because they slot on top of each other.

Can you provide the cladding treated?

No we don’t treat any of our timber apart from the charred cladding products. We recommend speaking to Wood Finishes Direct about finishing your wood. We recommend that you treat your timber before fixing it to the wall for best results.