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Due to current circumstances we are not supplying Siberian Larch for the forseeable future. We would like to point you in the direction of Thermowood as an alternative.

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Siberian Larch Decking - Get Online Prices

Buy Larch decking today, with a choice between six profiles you will get the decking to suit you.

Siberian Larch Decking

1) Click to choose a Siberian Larch Decking profiles

IWD1 - Reeded - 120mm x 19mm
IWD1 - Reeded - 120mm x 19mm
IWD2 - Reeded - 145mm x 19mm
IWD2 - Reeded - 145mm x 19mm
IWD3 - Anti-Slip 1 - 120mm x 19mm
IWD3 - Anti-Slip 1 - 120mm x 19mm
IWD4 - Anti-Slip 1 - 145mm x 19mm
IWD4 - Anti-Slip 1 - 145mm x 19mm
IWD5 - Anti-Slip 2 - 120mm x 19mm
IWD5 - Anti-Slip 2 - 120mm x 19mm
IWD6 - Anti-Slip 2 - 145mm x 19mm
IWD6 - Anti-Slip 2 - 145mm x 19mm

2) Choose your Grade of Siberian Larch Decking

Select Sawfalling Cladding
Sawfalling grade is fresh sawn with few knots and a strong grain pattern

3) Enter your Size and Quantity

Gap (mm)
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Supplied in lengths of 3m and longer
Example Pricing for Siberian Larch Decking
Price From £9.41 per meter (Profile: IWD2 - Reeded - 145mm x 19mm - Grade: Sawfalling - 1m)
Product Description
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iWood Timber Merchants Siberian Larch Decking is available in Sawfalling grade and in six different profiles (three shapes each in two different widths). 

The larch decking is supplied without any stain or treatment, leaving you free to apply your own choice of off-the-shelf protection.

This is a high density wood that is durable and features few knots.


Siberian Larch Painted black with Decking Stain

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Specify: Sawfalling Siberian Larch External Cladding Siberian Larch Decking from iWood Timber

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