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IWD7 - Pencil Rounded - 145mm x 21mm
IWD7 - Pencil Rounded - 145mm x 21mm

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A beautifully clean (very few knots) tropical decking in a rich, warm brown. Extremely naturally durable.

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Supplied in lengths of 2.1m and longer
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Price From £26.96 per meter (Profile: IWD7 - Pencil Rounded - 145mm x 21mm - Grade: Select and Better - 1m)
Product Description

Cumaru is a heavily durable, tropical timber. The timber itself is a medium to dark brown with the occasional Reddish/purplish hue, there may also be some pieces with yellowish/greenish brown streaks. On touch, the timber has a waxy/oily feel to it.

As with the majority of tropical timbers, Cumaru decking, is exceptionally durable with a long lifespan. The wood is capable of withstanding all weathering and punishment without the need for treatment. It is also resistant to rot, mould and most insect infections (although some infestation is still a possibility).

We supply Cumaru decking in IWD7 which is smooth on all sides and rounded on the edges. This profile is fully reversable, so you get to see whichever side you prefer. The colour and pattern of the grain are two of the factors which may sway your decision. The section size of the boards is 21mm x 145mm and the corners are rounded to a 3mm radius.

Select and Better Grade Cumaru Timber

A common factor among tropical timbers in the small amount of knots in the wood and Cumaru is no different. The Select and Better grade we supply is kiln dried and highly stable, so there is very little moisture movement even without treatment.

Cumaru timber has an interlocked grain which makes it difficult to work with. So, buying it pre-machined ready to fit is a major advantage in order to save yourself precious time and effort.

Fixing and Treating

It is important to pre-drill any holes in the timber in order to avoid splitting. Also make sure that any screws or nails used are stainless steel, otherwise, the metal may react with the tannins in the timber causing blue staining.

When laying the deck you can leave a gap between each board (they don’t interlock like a T&G flooring). Usually the gap is 4mm-6mm, this ensures that items like chair legs don’t fall through.

You do not need to treat this timber in order to increase its lifespan and when laid correctly it could last in excess of 30 years. If you would like to preserve the colour and stop the sun from bleaching it you can treat the wood with a UV protector, however, you would need to retreat every so often.

Advantages of Cumaru Decking

  1. Immensely durable
  2. Looks amazing
  3. Stable
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. Resistance to rot

More About Cumaru

Also known as Brazilian Teak, Cumaru is distributed across South America in the north and central areas of the continent. The tree is heavily cultivated across Mexico and in the West Indies, not just for its timber, but also the Tonka Beans it produces. Tonka Beans are a vanilla substitute for producing cocoa, they are also used to flavour tobacco.

The tree can grow anywhere from 24m to 36m high with a truck diameter of 0.5m – 0.75m.

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