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Example Pricing For Oak Slats

Price from £5.13 ex VAT per meter; for European Oak Slats 19mm x 45mm (Boards in Stock Machined to Order)

European Oak Slats - AB Quality

These Oak slats are ideal for making a contemporary slatted screen with a traditional feel thanks to the additional character that the AB quality oak has over Prime. The slats are provided in random lengths to cover your m run.

These slats are a light brown in colour, although they will silver grey over time if left untreated (with a UV protector) outside and are to be fitted with a gap between them (usually 5mm or 10mm). The gap gives the timber room to move and lets sunlight pass between them.

It is highly recommended that kiln dried Oak is treated and sealed in order to minimize water movement. This will help to stop water getting into the timber and making it expand during the winter months and then shrinking again in the summer. This movement would make the timber split and develop shakes so it is always in your best interest to treat the wood.

Our slats are all planed all round and supplied in random lengths. The available section sizes are 19mm x 45m and 19mm x 95mm. If you require different sizes or set lengths, please take a look at the planed all round section of the website where you will be able price your entire your Oak cutting list.

When fitting your slats, it is best to have a post every 600mm along the fence to fix the slats to. You should also use stainless steel nails/screws anything else would corrode and stain the timber and hold the slat in place with the head of the screw. To make sure that you get an even gap along your screen you can buy spacers from your local Screwfix, Wickes or other local builders’ merchant.

If you are unsure of how many lineal metres of timber you need, you can use the calculator at the top of the page. This allows you to enter the height of your screen, the overall width and the gap between each slat and uses your selected section size to work out the number of lineal meters you need (you may want to add 10% for wastage).

These slats make a fine addition to our Oak Pergolas, allowing light through whilst offering some protection from high winds. They also allow you to grow plants up them like a trellis.

If you are looking to apply these to a wall as a cladding, and you need them to be weather proof, we have a range of Oak cladding available for you to buy which will be more suitable.