Marine Timbers

We are now selling a variety of marine timbers which are all highly durable and suitable for marine environments like locks, marinas, docks and bridges. These monstrous timbers are larger and more durable than most of their European counterparts and require little or no treatment at all.

Due to their natural hardness a lot of our marine timbers are resistant to rot and infestation naturally. This is what makes them ideal for being in constant contact with water as lock gates and bridge pillars. They are also heavily involved in boat building for both the hull and decking.

Our Marine Timber are all highly sort after, so we need to check availability before ordering which is why we ask for a cutting list rather than allowing you to price and buy online. If you can’t find the timber you are looking for, let us know and we’ll see if we can source it for you.

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Greenheart Timber

Greenheart is an extremely dense durable timber which is often used in heavy duty, marine and freshwater construction. Alongside Teak, Greenheart, is one of the few timbers which has a long lifespan when used in marine environments making it perfect for outdoor use and boat building. Read More...

Ekki Timber

Ekki is a durable marine timber which is often used as an alternative to greenheart because it is more readily available. The colour of the timber is either dark reddish or violet brown with a pale pinkish white sapwood. Read More...

Opepe Wood

Opepe timber (also known as Bilinga and Aloma) is a colourful timber raging from golden to orangey yellow. Although not as strong as some of its tropical counterparts, like Ekki and greenheart, Opepe is still used frequently in marine and constructional environments. Read More...

Teak Wood

As teak wood suppliers we can safely say that in the world of hardwoods, teak is a stand-out timber for strength and durability.

Teak wood is one of the most highly durable timbers available. It contains its own natural oils and rubbers giving it extraordinary resistance to chemical and insect attack, including the hardships a marine environment can throw at it. Read More...