Customer Galleries: Dorset Fingerposts

Local oak and ready planed oak from iWood provide perfect ‘fingers’ for Dorset’s heritage ‘Fingerposts’.

These traditional road signs with cast alloy letters on wooden boards are falling into disrepair but many are now being refurbished by local parishes and volunteers.

As seen on TV – Escape to the Country

In many cases the old ‘fingers’ are broken or missing including the top finial. These too are being replaced with a new casting – each one unique with its place name and OS grid Reference.

Indeed, Dorset has four unique ‘Red Posts’ originally used to mark an inn or resting house for convicts and their guards on their way to deportation!

Thanks to this project established by Dorset’s AONB, over 100 of the Fingerposts have already been restored by many volunteers to their former glory.