Customer Galleries: Wagon Rebuild

As per your request below I have attached a few pictures of a project I completed using timber from yourselves.

The wagon is my British Railways standard brakevan, built in 1950, which is based at the Caledonian Railway here in Scotland.

I bought it in 2010 and spent approximately 3 years rebuilding it from scratch using Iroko from iWood. The only original timbers left on the brakevan frame are the doors and window frames, everything else has been replaced with new Iroko. The curved roof timbers were created from European oak sourced from yourselves also, I steamed and bent this to suit.

It was completed in 2013 and the pictures are as follows:

1. Autumn 2010, before work commenced.
2. Autumn 2012, the repaired frame, constructed from Iroko from iWood
3. June 2013, the completed brakevan
4. June 2013, the brakevans first day in passenger service

Hopefully these pictures will be of use to you. If you want any more information or photos please let me know. I've used your timber for a few other wagons as well and have always been impressed with its quality.