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British Douglas Fir Beams

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Product Description

British Douglas Fir Beams Introduction

Our home-grown Douglas Fir Beams (sometimes referred to as “Doug” or “Dougy Fir” for short) are sourced and cut fresh to order in British sawmills. Because of this, it's considered a “greener” alternative compared with imported timbers.

We cut them to your sizes so you receive only the timber you need for your project with no waste.

British Douglas Fir is a popular alternative to using Oak Beams for timber framing. While not as durable as Oak (10-15 years vs Oak's 15 – 25 years), it is slightly more cost effective if you're working to a budget and it is used widely in the UK.

British Douglas Fir Common Uses

British Douglas Fir Beams are used widely both internally and externally in the UK construction industry and in landscaping. Fence posts, timber frames for houses, garden rooms, orangeries, roof trusses / A-Frames… every form of general timber construction you can think of. See the section on grading below for more information.

It's not suitable for use in a marine environment, such as sea defences or on boats, as it won't stand up very well to the salt water. For this, look at something like Teak or Ekki.

Douglas Fir Appearance

British Douglas Fir has a strong grain pattern and is quite knotty which gives the timber character. The timber is a light brown colour, sometimes with hints of yellow and sometimes even reddish hues. It's quite a warm colour. See the picture gallery below.

Grades of Douglas Fir

Our home-grown British Douglas Fir is provided in a Fresh Sawn Merchantable grade. If you require strength grading please get in touch. Douglas Fir can grade to C14 and C18 in all section sizes and C24 in larger sizes where the minimum sections are 100mm and the cross-section exceeds 20,000mm2.

Sizes of Douglas Fir Beams

Our British Douglas Fir beams are available on the website above in thicknesses and widths between 50 and 250mm, and in lengths up to 6.1m. If you need sizes between 25mm - 300mm, please enquire.

Because of the height of the tree, Douglas Fir can be sourced in some seriously long lengths, such as 14m plus. We do have to quote these long lengths on a case by case basis as it depends on availability, and lengths over 8m also create challenges with transport, but we can always find a way.

The beams are provided over-length to be cut down exactly on site.

As they're fresh sawn, the tolerance on the thickness and width may vary by plus or minus 4mm, and the timber will likely have regular marks from the band saw down the lengths. This is usual for rough sawn timber and is near enough exclusively used in this state, but you can plane or sand it if you'd like when you receive it.

Grown In Britain

iWood is a proud, certified member of Grown in Britain, the UK's initiative to prove the source of timber at every step of the supply chain. Ask if you need your timber to be Grown in Britain certified.

Benefits of Douglas Fir

As with all British Timbers, Douglas Fir has a much lower carbon footprint than the imported timbers, as it hasn't been transported half way around the world. It's therefore regularly specified for this reason.

Another benefit is the availability of longer lengths, because Douglas Fir is such a tall tree.

If you're working to a tight budget, Douglas Fir is also very cost effective, along with British Larch.

Buying British Douglas Fir Beams

You can instantly work out prices for your beams above. The price you see is the price you pay. Delivery is added at checkout, although a lot of areas qualify for free delivery when your order exceeds a certain amount, find out more on the delivery page.

You can enter your entire cutting list, then add the items to your shopping basket where you can save them as a quote for later, or proceed through our secure online checkout.

When your beams are ready, our transport department will be in touch to arrange delivery with you.

What Other Timbers Might I Consider?

Historically, the price difference between British Douglas Fir and European Oak was quite large, with Oak being more expensive, but in recent times, the difference in price between British Douglas Fir and European Oak has narrowed somewhat. If budget allows, consider looking at European Oak Beams as an alternative, although some people prefer the look of the British timbers, and of course British timbers have a lower carbon footprint and are therefore considered “greener” and more environmentally friendly.

British Larch, a slightly more cost effective alternative to Douglas Fir is also available in beam sizes. Price online here:British Larch Beams. Strength and durability-wise they are very similar with Larch being slightly better.

British Douglas Fir Beams Gallery

Example Pricing for iWood British Douglas Fir

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Fresh Sawn Merchantable Grade: 100mm x 100mm x 2m - £22.28 inc (£18.57 ex)

(Product #: IW-5-46-29)

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Timber Species Information

British Douglas Fir

Species Group:
3 - Moderately Durable (Learn about Durability)
Colour Description:
Reddish brown
Mean Density:
930 KG/m3 (Wet) - 540 KG/m3 (Kiln Dried)
Architect / Design Specify

Fresh Sawn Merchantable Grade
Product Code: IW-5-46-29

Specify Fresh Sawn Merchantable Grade British Douglas Fir from iWood Timber

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Our timber is imported straight from sawmills on the continent. Our usual lead times are therefore 10 to 15 (Sawn) and 15 to 20 (Machined) Working Days.

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