Articles: We Are Now Selling Cedar Slats!

We have now added Cedar Slats to our website as a product after demand has started to rise. These slats are available in both Canadian and British Cedar. They are ideal for creating contemporary garden screens which let through a little sunlight.

The main Differences between the Canadian and the British are:

Canadian British
Colour Can vary in colour from a bright to a dark red. Canadian Cedar does have a lot of natural variation. A consistent pale red in colour.
Knots Minimal knots leaving a clean finish Contains a lot of knots. British Cedar is full of character which is one of its many selling points.
Durability One of the most durable softwoods and it doesn’t expand and shrink as much as some other timbers. Fairly durable and is very much suitable for outdoor use. This timber can potentially move more than its Canadian Counterpart.

These slats are planed all round and are available in section size of 2x1 and 4x1 (50mm x 25mm and 100mm x 25 respectively) and we can supply fixed lengths from 0.61m to 4.27m. We would struggle to provide longer lengths because it would be difficult for you to keep them straight.

Working with Cedar Slats is easy and we recommend that you use spacers to space out each slat evenly across the panel with a 5-10mm gap. Also Pre-Drill the slats so that you avoid the risk of splitting the wood.

So how does the new Cedar Slats Page Work?

Currently you will have to fill out the enquiry form on the cedar slat page. However, we are currently working on allowing you to checkout with them online. For now, if you would like to order cedar slats straight away you can see our Canadian Western Red Cedar Planed All Round page where you can build up your cutting list and enter bespoke slat sizes.