Articles: Teak Hardwood

Teak hardwood is the most durable timber we supply making it one of the most sought-after timbers. Teak not only looks great but is so durable that the only treatment it needs is UV protection if you want to keep the colour from turning silvery grey which is entirely your choice.

The advantage of using Teak is that it has a very low movement ratio which means it doesn’t expand and contract as much as other timbers when the moisture content continues to change. This makes it great for outdoor use and for indoor rooms where there is a lot of condensation such as the bathroom.

The popularity of Teak hardwood means that plantations have started up to produce Teak on a sustainable basis because the high demand was putting pressure on the wild trees. It has been proven that the trees from the plantations are just has high quality as the old grown trees despite people once believing otherwise.

Why Choose Teak hardwood over a Softwood?

There are various advantages that hardwoods hold over softwoods which include:

  • Strength
  • Maintenance
  • Appearance

The strength and durability of hardwood comes from being slow growing which makes them denser than their softwood counterparts. Their strength allows them to be used in a wide number of ways including construction and internal decorative work.

These timbers are also lower maintenance, for example, Teak hardwood can be harmed if you over treat it. The natural oil in the timber protects it and if too much treatment with harsh chemicals is used then the timbers useable life could be shortened.