Articles: Siberian Larch Timber

Larch is a softwood which tends to be used for cladding and decking. This timber is great for outdoor work and is a cheaper alternative to Oak and Cedar whilst being very durable. Larch Timber is grown in Siberia and here in Britain however there are a few differences between the two:

  1. Colour

Siberian Larch is a light creamy brown whereas the British is more of a reddish brown

  1. Durability

Due to the conditions Siberian Larch is grown in it is more durable than the British timber making it the more popular choice for your outdoor needs like cladding and decking.

Siberian Larch is grown near to the Finnish border just east of the Yenisei valley in Siberia. Due to its natural environment larch timber is particularly durable against frost so during the winter months it is very hardy. It is one of the hardest softwoods available because of its slow growth and high density.

We recently had a customer who clad the entirety of a new build house in Larch and the results are outstanding. The two-storey house sits on a platform and is surrounded by a fenced decking area and has a big feature window which looks out into the garden.

Larch Timber Cladding

We provide cladding in Siberian Larch for Feather Edge, Tongue and Groove, Shiplap and Rainshield profiles (IWC1-10). It’s such a popular product because it is very competitive on price, has a lot of aesthetic benefits because of the character of the wood and is naturally resistant against rot and disease.

We highly recommend that you treat your cladding to protect it from movement. If you do not seal the timber then it will expand during the winter and it takes in moisture and shrink in the summer as it dries out. There are many finishes available and if you are unsure which is the best for your larch timber then please visit wood finishes direct.