Articles: Oak Sleepers and Posts for Landscape Gardening

Landscaping your garden is a great way to get the most out the land on your home. It can turn a dreary, weed ridden lawn into a place of beauty. Instead of a boring patch of green, you can have an array of colours with flower beds bordered by Oak Sleepers.

Many people look to their garden as a way to relax, whether its sunbathing, reading a book or watching the world cup. To keep those flower beds in line though you will need to employ some Oak sleepers as border control. The sleepers are a great natural boundary and can be worked in nicely.

Another use for timber in your garden is solid fence posts and slats. Oak is brilliant for fence posts because it is highly durable and naturally immune to infestation. The posts will also stand up to the elements, so you have a great alternative to the more common concrete posts. You can treat your slats with oil to protect them from UV light, this will to keep the colour in your slats and stops them from going silvery grey.

More about Oak Sleepers

Oak sleepers are provided in a landscaping grade called “Fresh Sawn Sleeper”. Our sleepers are only supplied cut to size and are unavailable planed all round. The colour of the sleepers is a yellowish brown however over time they will weather to a silvery grey. Like all green Oak, the sleepers will check on the surface as the timber dries out.

Our sleepers are supplied within the following dimensions:

Min Max
Thickness 100mm 300mm
Width 150mm 300mm
Length 1.2m 3m

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