Articles: Boat Building

One of timbers most popular uses is boat building. From the canals of Birmingham to the harbour of Monte Carlo you will find wood at work. The variety of Timber that can be used on various aspects of boats is truly astonishing and produces some truly magnificent vessels.

Whether you are working on a luxury yacht or a homely barge timber is the best resource you have. iWood can supply the ideal timber for hulls, decking and interior finishes but what wood should you choose? Well we might be able to help you with that…

Exterior and Decking

Timber used for the exterior and decking of a boat needs to be durable and strong and these are the best Timbers for the job!


Teak is a very popular tropical timber and is the most durable timber you can buy. Its strength makes it brilliant for Boat Building and decking. It also doesn’t require treatment unless you would like to stop the colour from turning silvery grey which is entirely your choice.

To find out more about Teak or to enquire please visit our dedicated Teak Page.

European Oak

European Oak is one of the more traditional timbers used for boat building and is immensely popular still today. This durable timber looks great and is sourced from responsibly managed forests in line with FSC® and PEFC.

For more information on the European Oak we supply please go to our European Oak section or give us a call on 01889 597281.


Iroko is often used as a replacement for Teak in most projects and is a very popular timber. The golden-brown colour of Iroko timber looks gorgeous and its strength and durability makes it ideal for marine usage.

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For the interior of your boat you may want to use the more durable woods like teak, oak and iroko for flooring and stairs. However, for those finishing touches, there are several softwoods which may be of interest…

American Cherry

American Cherry is ideal for boat interiors and its beautiful aesthetics can bring your boat to life. This timber is great for cabinets, kitchen worktops and coffee tables.

To get more information and our latest prices go to the American Cherry Wood section of the site.

Dark Red Meranti

Another timber you might to use on the interior of your boat is Dark Red Meranti. This timber has a dark red appearance and course texture. Dark Red Meranti is great for interior drawers, cabinets framing and furniture.

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