Articles: Structural Advantages of Oak Timber

As a constructional material oak is one of the most durable you can get and is quicker to construct than bricks. Oak timber is instantly recognisable, being one of the most traditional building materials, and gives character to any structure it is incorporated into. However, the advantages of using oak are more than just aesthetic as its structural properties are also second to none.

For example, oak timber used for the frame of a building is as dependable as steel joists and can last for hundreds of years. Also, the safety properties of oak are outstanding. In the unfortunate case of a fire, oak burns slowly, and has a low rate of conductivity.

The immense durability of oak also allows it to survive and recover from flood damage a lot more effectively than other building materials. It will dry out quicker than other construction materials allowing you to recover quickly as well.

Where can I use Oak Timber?

The structural integrity of oak timber means that it can be used for almost anything from a roof truss to the entire frame of a building. The timber does not need to be treated as it is naturally immune to infestation and extreme weather conditions.

Oak is commonly used for garden structures such as oak gazebos and garden rooms. These structures are a great way to add something special to your garden where you can sit in shade during the warm summer months and entertain guests.

What can iWood supply?

We can supply top quality oak beams in a variety of grades including:

  • Fresh Sawn Construct (QPA)
  • Fresh Sawn Construct (QP1)
  • Air Dried Constructional
  • Fresh Sawn Sleeper / Fencing

Each of these grades are of the highest quality and are ideal for different situations. For example, QPA, QP1 and Air Dried are for constructional purposes within the frame of a building whereas fresh sawn sleeper / fencing is more suited to landscaping and fence posts.