Articles: Planed All Round Or Cut to Size

Planed all round and cut to size (Sawn to Size) are two of our most popular products.

But which one should you choose?

Planed All Round

Planed All Round Timber is delivered ready to use to your specified cutting list. Typically planed all round is planed on the four longs sides and sawn on the ends. We recommend when using Planed All Round you order exactly what you need rather than ordering to cut down yourself.

Top Selling Species

Our Planed All Round European Oak is kiln dried and of the highest quality. There are two grades available:

  1. Prime Quality – This is the cleanest – knot free – oak available. If there are any knots at all the will only be tiny.
  2. Character Quality – Character grade is still a high quality timber but will have some knots in.

Character quality oak has a more traditional look than the prime quality oak which some people prefer however prime quality oak gives a more contemporary finish.

American White Oak is similar in appearance to European Oak although it does vary in colour from pale yellow-brown to a pale reddish-brown.

American Oak is available in FAS Quality and is great for building furniture, doors and is often used to build containers for beers, wines and spirits in the form of a cooperage barrel.

Planed All Round Douglas Fir is a light Reddish Brown and is a favourite amongst joiners for its rugged durability. We supply Douglas fir in Clear and Better Grade which is the highest quality Douglas Fir you can buy.

Douglas Fir is one of the best industrial timbers which makes it ideal for house building, roof trusses, joinery and piling.

We supply Planed All Round Western Red Cedar in a clear and better grade which once dry is a reddish-brown colour. Western Red Cedar is a popular choice for cladding, greenhouses, beehives, shingles and light construction.

It’s striking appearance makes this Timber a standout product for cladding to really set your

Cut to Size

Cut to Size timber is delivered ready to be worked on your self and so arrive slightly over length for you to cut down. All faces and ends of our cut to size products have a rough sawn finish and both ends are painted to help prevent water penetration during storage. Cut to size timber is available in set thicknesses

When ordering cut to size we recommend allowing for a minimum extra 6mm on thickness if you are going to plane the timber down yourself so that you get an even finish.

Top Selling Species

Like the Planed All Round, Cut to Size European Oak is supplied in both Prime and Light character grades. This timber is great for you to work on yourself to get the finish that you want.

European Oak is a yellowish-brown and has silver grain on the quarter sawn sides. If you order prime quality you will get a modern uniform look whereas the light character grade has more rustic characteristics.

Cut to Size Douglas Fir is ideal for heavy construction and is provided to your measurements ready for you to work on and finish. The clear and better grade Douglas fir has a uniform grade and is a moderately durable softwood.

Douglas Fir that we supply is kiln dried to remove moisture content and is untreated.

Our FAS cut to size American White Oak is delivered straight from the saw and is not machined or treated in any way. The wood is then delivered to you with a rough sawn finish ready for you to continue working on.

The timber is ideal for crafting items such as bars, boats, pews and ladder rungs.

Cut to Size American Ash is available in FAS quality and is straight-grained and, when dried, has a brownish-white colour.

American Ash is good for impact tool handles, sports equipment panelling and items such as solid-body electric guitars.