Articles: Timber Companion App

Having always prided ourselves in making things as easy as possible for both clients and suppliers, the one thing that we haven’t managed to crack is an easy, effective way of helping customers build there cutting list.

Whether that is coming up with a list of pieces or working out an area that needs covering in flooring, decking or cladding.

So, what could we do to help?

The answer is our brand new app called Timber Companion!

Timber Companion is available on Google Play, the App Store and AppGallery.

It is a great way to build your cutting list, work out an area when surveying and getting quotes from iWood for the materials you need!

Download today FREE and take advantage of its wide ranging features.

The app also has some information on various species that iWood supplies.

If you have any issues with thew app, feel free to call us on 01889 597 281 or email into us on and we will be happy to help.