Articles: National Tree Week

In 1973 an outbreak of Dutch Elm Disease occurred in the UK and destroyed a substantial amount of Britain's Elm trees. As a result the replantation campaign Plant A Tree in 73’ was born, a year long effort to replace the damages from the Dutch Elm Disease.

Where The Tree Council came from

The Tree Council was established the following year to continue the plantation movement on the back of Plant A Tree in 73’s success.

Ofcourse because forestry in the UK isn’t under attack from disease, replantation isn’t as critical and a year-long campaign isn’t necessary and instead The Tree Council dedicates just one week at the end of November to get everyone involved in replanting. This is what this week is all about!

National Tree Week was started to bring communities together and encourage more involvement for the local environment.

What can I do?

You’ve likely heard it all before about the importance of trees and many are happy to get involved and support any kind of movement that promotes good management and healthy forestry. If you’d like to get involved yourself check out The Tree Council website.

Take action and be make a positive impact on Britain’s environment!

They are also running free webinars throughout the week which you can sign up for on their website

iWood's part

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