Articles: Tropical Timbers And Their Diverse Home

Tropics Day, a day of recognition for one of the planets most impactful environments!

The recent Tropics day has given some much needed exposure to the importance of the tropics. They are responsible for 80% of the world’s biodiversity whilst only accounting for 40% of its total land mass. Such a species rich environment must be protected, and measures must be taken to preserve its ecosystems.

We at iWood timber are PEFC and FSC® certified as we believe sustainability is one of the most important factors in the timber industry.

Timber is quite possibly one of the most varied and practical materials in the industrial sector with a plethora of different applications, it is also a sustainable and renewable material if regulated properly, which is crucial for our declining environment.

Tropical Hardwoods

As a result of these factors, timber is more popular than ever before and with the tropics in the spotlight right now tropical hardwoods are especially sought after, as they have some of the most exotic, eye-catching, and dynamic timbers available in the trade.


Teak is also a commonly enquired about at iWood, however, due to regulations it cannot be imported into the country and is therefore unavailable until further notice. There are alternatives which we have discussed in another article outlining alternatives to teak such as greenheart.


When there is a requirement for exceptional quality and durability, greenheart is definitely in the top choices. It’s also a fantastic option in marine environments such as ship construction, as it’s more than capable of being in constant contact with water.

Because greenheart is such a unique timber, we usually price on application. If you navigate to our greenheart page you can outline your requirements on an enquiry sheet and we’ll get back to you with a quotation.

Other Tropical Hardwoods

Overall, the tropics contribute so much to our planet and they’re home to so many tremendous timbers. If you’re interested, have a browse of our website to find out more, as each timber has its own page with an in-depth description.

We can supply the following timbers: Iroko, Yellow Balau, Cumaru, Itauba, Sapele, Dark Red Meranti, and many more. If you're looking for something else that isn't listed here we might still be able to help! You can contact us by email, phone or using our online chat.