Articles: Limited Availability - European Oak 20 - 25 Working Days

**We have a limited supply of European Oak Air-Dried Beams available for delivery in within 20 - 25 working days before the continental shutdown!**

One of our main sawmills on the continent who usually supply our European Oak beams will be shutting down for the entirety of August. Once sufficient beam orders have been placed and our production queue is full up until August, we will have to account for the shutdown and begin quoting September.

European Oak beams are one of our most popular products due to their application in the building industry and their extremely reasonable price in comparison to their English cousin. Even as Air-Dried, European oak can be over 40% cheaper.

Air-Dried oak is oak that has undergone a drying process in a large warehouse for many years. This is to remove as much moisture as possible and give them the rigidity and strength they're renown for. Overtime green oak will reach this stage aswell but air-dried simply cuts out the wait time to get to that point.

If you're interested in the natural characteristics of Air-dried oak, the iconic splits and cracks, the sophisticated silver-greying on its surface and the fantastic structural reliability. Get your orders in now whilst stocks last!