Articles: Timber on the Move

After a turbulent period post-Christmas, we are starting to import Oak freely again and we are getting back on schedule. This means that supplies of green and air dried Oak are back around the 17-22 working day mark. This is for beams and feather edge cladding.

Kiln dried timbers are available cut to size, planed or machined on around 20-28 working days. We are working as quickly as possible to bring this down.

Order Now to be Ready for Summer

With such long lead times all over the country, it is worth ordering your timber as quickly as possible in order to get your project on the way before summer. Whether you’re working in the garden to get it ready for friends and family to visit after lockdown or renovating a bar ready for the grand reopening.

Oak beams can be used to make garden structures, retaining walls and extend your home through a porch or garden room. We can also supply various forms of cladding for your structure depending on the kind of pattern you would like to go for.

Some people prefer the overlapped, traditional methods of waney and feather edge while others might prefer a machined finish that can be achieved in T&G, shiplap and Rainshield profiles. It’s worth considering that T&G are the only patterns that can be fit vertically.

How to Order

You can order the majority of products online, if you are struggling though, drop us an email with your cutting list to and we’ll happily take a look.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01889 597 281 or speak to us on our online chat and our friendly experts will do everything they can to help you.

Unsure of what wood to use?

Each timbers have their own unique properties which make them ideal in different situations. So if you’re struggling to pick between two species, get in touch via the chat and we’ll provide any information we can, to help with your decision.