Articles: Uses of Marine Timber

As the title suggests Marine Timbers are usually used in marine environments where their superior strength and durability can be used to its full extent. The pressure that water exerts underneath the surface is immense, couple that with its natural ability to wear material down, then only certain timbers can last in that environment.

Structural Uses

In marine construction the main use for timber is for underwater lock gates, support pillars and Bridge posts. Other uses include retaining walls on the edge of ponds, pools and reservoirs.

They have also been used to build the hulls of large ships in the past with greenheart proving particularly useful in this area.

When used underwater, marine timbers have to withstand intense loads. Not only from whatever structure they are supporting but also from the water itself.

Underfoot Uses

These kinds of wood also make great decking materials, particularly in decks that have a lot of traffic and are likely to get wet. For example: around the edge of a swimming pool or hot tub. Naturally, marine woods are as tough as they come and don’t need treatment in order to preserve their lifespan.

You can also use the planks for the walkway on bridges and for a boat deck, this is what Teak is more commonly used for (along with furnishings). The advantage of Teak, along with other timbers like Cumaru, Itauba and Greenheart, is that they are naturally non slip because of the make up of the material. This means you don’t need the decking to have grooves machined into the timber, giving you the choice, between which side you prefer to be face up.

Ready to install

As these timbers don’t require treatment to preserve them, they are supplied ready to install, you may have to saw down the ends on some pieces as they are typically overlength. However, we can supply them cut to size and machined to profile where necessary.