Articles: Structural Oak Available as European Mills Return

With the return of the European mills comes the improved supply of European Oak in all its splendour. Current supplies of timber are taking slightly longer than usual however this will help ease the strain as we work to regain some form of normality.

We will soon have a new selectin of packs available on our website and subsequent offers, along with being able to supply cut to size, planed all round and machined kiln dried Oak much quicker once we have cleared the backlog.

That means that the following Oak products are now available again:

  1. Structural Oak

Fresh sawn and air dried Oak is available in larger section sizes than ever on our website for all your structural needs. We offer both sawn and planed structural Oak. If you need the timber perfectly square we recommend using planed, on the other side if you need them accurate within 1mm or are working on centre lines then taking them sawn would be the best option (for accuracy within 1mm you would then need to plane them down yourself).

  1. Square Edge Oak

Supplied as packs or cut to size / planed all round cutting lists, square edge Oak is one of our most popular products. We supply the timber in varying grades with the most popular being Prime and Light Character grade. This timber is a raw material ready for use, leaving you to shape and then treat it as you see fit.

  1. Machined Oak

We supply a range of machined Oak products including cladding, skirting, architrave, flooring and decking. These are all ready to treat and then fit accordingly. As the Oak is untreated you will need to seal it in order to prevent moisture movement in the wood, this will help to avoid the timber warping.