Articles: Larger Sections of Oak Beams Available

We can now offer larger sizes of sawn and planed all round Oak beams than before, including sections up to 400mm (max sawn size) and lengths of 10m (Not always available). These larger beams are usually only available in QP1 and we must check availability, particularly for longer lengths.

These beams are ideal for constructional projects where extreme strength is required. Although it is always important to consult with a structural engineer to make sure you get the sizes you require, as these beams will also be immensely heavy.

Oak Beams and Fire Safety

Another advantage of using Oak beams in a building is the fire protection they offer. Where some metal alternatives would melt, Oak beams can withstand the heat. This is partly because on the outside of the beam will be dry, even when the timber has been air dried a number of years, the middle will still be green.

Splits and Cracks

Over time green Oak will begin to dry out causing splits and cracks to appear along the surface as it shrinks. This is a natural part of the seasoning of Oak and doesn’t impact the structural strength. Whilst Oak will shrink in the section, the length will remain the same.

Another result of the ageing process is the timber will turn silver-grey when left outdoors due to the bleaching effect from the sun’s UV rays.

This natural seasoning is a main attraction for using Oak timber and is a reason why people go for the wood.

Information on Green Oak Supplied

There are two structural Grades of Green Oak we supply QPA and QP1, QPA being the higher grade. We also offer Air Dried Constructional Oak which was QP1 when freshly cut.

Beams are available either cut to size or planed all round depending on the kind of finish and what you are using the timber for.

Where fresh sawn lead times can sometimes be high, we also have a variety of green European Oak beam alternatives that we can supply.