Articles: The Culture of Oak Beams

Whether cracked, worn and weathered or fresh sawn, green and new, Oak beams are an immensely popular building material. Capable of supporting great loads, Oak is truly a choice of the people.

The Oak tree itself is a symbol of strength, longevity and stability whilst playing host to a variety of wildlife. It has a sturdy trunk, large canopy and a number of self-defence mechanisms to make sure they continue to reproduce, despite the greed of squirrels.

Oak has played an important role in various times during our history. Whether that’s to frame boats, craft into weapons, utilise in home defence or in the structure of our homes. We have always found uses for Oak, making it very much a part of our culture, our history. Which is why we should spend time culturing Oak beams so that the highest quality timber is readily available.

In general green and air dried oak beams can be decorative, structural or both depending on what you are trying to do. They are commonly used in new builds for roof trusses and in old barn conversions for structural supports.

You may also find them used for decorative pieces in public places like bars and restaurants. Ornamental pieces are usually air dried to get the full character of the beam, with all of the splits and cracks along the surface visible.

Modern Day Uses of Oak Beams

In the modern day world, Oak garden structures are becoming ever more popular. Through these structures, beams have been given a new lease of life as remarkable Gazebos, Pergolas and Garages.

These structures make great additions to your own garden as well as public places like parks and event venues.

There is an appealing individuality to Oak structures, even similar shaped building will be different as the Oak ages differently. Due to it not being a factory made product there will be a natural variation in the materials used, giving each structure its own unique personality.