Articles: Timber for Home Improvements

Thinking of making improvements around your home?

Are you finally finding the time to get around to all the jobs on your list?

There are a variety uses for timber around your house. They provide elegant, eco-friendly, finishes and the material is easy to work with. Each species has its own unique characteristics from colour, grain pattern, knot content, strength and durability.

Here some ideas for how you can use timber in and around your home.

In Your Garden

Fence Slats

Modern, contemporary slatted screens are becoming increasingly popular. They are exceptional alternatives to the usual bland softwood overlap panels.

Canadian Western Red Cedar in particular is phenomenal for building these screens. It has an array of colours which can make your garden come alive. In order to maintain the vibrancy of the wood it is important to protect it with a UV protector.

Canadian Cedar is extraordinary durable so is ideal for slats and cladding. Its natural stability (i.e. small moisture movement) makes it heavily sought after.

Canadian Cedar Alternatives

British Cedar is also a popular choice for slats. It is more uniform in colour than the Canadian alternative and people are drawn towards it for its characterful nature.

European Oak is also used, however, Oak does need sealing in order prevent Moisture movement.


Timber is one of the most cost effective and traditional methods of cladding a building. Whether that be a garden structure, like a garage, shed or gazebo, or your own home.

Tongue and Groove European Oak is our most popular form of cladding. Oak is exceptionally durable and as long as it is maintained it can last on a building for tens of years. It is important to treat Oak so that it is sealed, this prevents water from getting in causing the wood to expand.

Oak cladding is available in a number of different profiles to choose from depending on the style of cladding you want to see. If you want to see overlapping boards then feather edge or waney edge is the way to go.

We also offer machined profiles for Tongue and Groove (T&G), Shiplap and Rainshield (Also known as Rainscreen) cladding.

Oak Cladding alternatives

We are currently offering Painted Black Feather Edge softwood and Painted Black T&G Thermowood options for exterior cladding. Both these products are pre-treated and require very little maintenance.

In Your Home

Solid Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring is high wearing, great looking and easy to clean. Also, our T&G fixing method allows for easy installation.

We offer two profiles IWF1 and IWF2. They are both T&G however IWF2 has relief grooves in the bottom of the board. The grooves are to help reduce the amount of warp in the timber due to temperature changes.

The advantage of not having these grooves is that you get to choose which side of the timber you would like to see. for example, if there are more knots on one side, you would get to choose whether you would see the side with more or less knots.

Solid Wood Flooring Alternatives

As an alternative to solid wooden flooring we also supply engineered flooring. This flooring is high quality and made from European Oak and a plywood backing. Other advantages of engineered flooring is that it isn’t susceptible to moving or warping. Our engineered flooring is available unfinished and finished.

We supply the solid flooring unfinished for you to treat yourself, however, the pre-finished engineered is available in a wide range of treatments.

Interior Trim

There is a range of interior trim for you to choose from on our website and the widths are fully customisable. We supply untreated skirting and architrave in a variety of patterns including:

  • Pencil Rounded
  • Torus
  • Ogee
  • Chamfered
  • Lambs Tongue

Both skirting and architrave have the same pattern choices so that you can match them around the home.