Articles: Species of Constructional Timbers

We supply a range of constructional timbers varying in strengths and typical uses. For all constructional projects it is important you consult a structural engineer to make sure the timber you buy is suitable and can withstand the load you are asking of it.


Greenheart is one of the, if not the, strongest constructional timbers available. Due to its immense strength and resistance to water it is used for loch gates, boat building and retaining walls along waterways. Greenheart is one of the few timbers that can be used in a marine environment without it vastly reducing its lifespan.

Greenheart’s natural resistance to infestation make it great for other structural uses like bridges and timber framing.


Ekki is often used as a substitute for Greenheart and has many similar qualities. They are both suited to marine applications and other more common structural uses. Ekki is a dark-red/violet-brown colour.

Ekki is more readily available in larger section sizes that Greenheart which is another reason why it might be used.


Oak is used predominantly for construction of timber framed houses, roof trusses, garden structures and decorative beams. Oak is highly durable, and whilst not being as strong as the tropical timbers, it still can take immense loads. We provide Green Oak from Europe and the UK.

European Oak is also available Air Dried. These beams have been left to dry for a period of 3-5 five years before being used. Air Dried Oak is often used when converting old barns and you want to keep the old wooden look.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is commonly used in garden structures and landscaping. The timber isn’t as durable as the hardwoods, but, is favourably comparable in budget. The timber is structurally sound and is often used for trusses.

Douglas Fir beams are sourced from sustainable UK sawmills.