Articles: Oak Beams for Timber Framers

We provide Oak Beams for timber framers suitable for construction both sawn and planed for your requirements. Each beam is structurally sound and we can supply sizes of:

  • Section Min: 50mm x 100mm
  • Section Max: 300mm x 300mm
  • Length Min: 1.2m
  • Length: Max: 7m

We can get larger sizes than the above however they are subject to stock availability.

Oak is an exceptional constructional material for use externally and internally. Commonly used for Trusses and wall plates in buildings, the beams can be mortise and tenoned to allow for strong joints.


We provide bespoke Truss Kits made to your structurally approved design. You can build your own online or send through your own drawings for us to quote for you.

We provide trusses in both Air Dried and Green Oak for you to choose from. The air dried oak will still have fresh sawn faces revealed though after machining so it may not be fully silver grey as if it were left at stock sizes.

We provide all of the joinery work on the kits so they just require onsite assembly. The Oak beams are all mortise and tenoned and the holes for the dowels are pre-drilled.

As trusses are usually used for structural use you will need to confirm that the truss you order has been structurally approved by a structural engineer. We can help you get in touch with one if you don’t know one.

When using Oak in construction, it's important to remember that the splitting and cracking that can occur along the face are key oak characteristics along with shrinking. These surface splits won't effect the structural integrity of the timber.

Oak Accessories

We provide a series of accessories that are useful when working on oak timber buildings including:

  • Oak Braces
  • Oak Dowels
  • Staddle Stones

Our braces are a standard size of 778mm x 150mm x 70mm and are great as supports for large structures.

The Dowels are used to peg pieces together in order to secure them. As the Oak shrinks the pegs get tighter drawing the structure together.

We provide three sizes of Staddle Stones to fit at the base of 150mmx150mm / 175mmx175mm / 200mmx200mm posts.