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Here at iWood we are Oak specialists and supply it in various states, grades and sizes. Oak is one of the best natural materials on the planet and has a number of uses. While its durability and strength makes it ideal for construction, it is also highly sort after for furniture making and flooring.

Constructional Oak

Oak is regularly used in a constructional environment either to frame an entire building or to provide structural support. We provide QPA (equivalent of D30) and QP1 (equivalent of D24) grades of green Oak beams. Although both grades are structurally sound, when working with structural timber it is important to check with a structural engineer to make sure the timber your buying is suitable.

We also supply air dried Oak beams as well. It’s important to remember with these that they will already have splits, cracks and shakes. Air Dried Oak is usually used as decoration or in old barn conversions. When it was green, the Oak was cut as QP1, once it has been dried though (over a 3-5 year period) it can no longer be graded.

We supply beams both cut to size and planed all round depending on your requirements. For the Truss, Pergola and Gazebo kits we also do all of the mortise and tenoning for you.

Other forms of Green oak

Green Oak is also available for cladding as feather edge and Waney one edge. These are two of the most cost effective ways to clad a building and the feather edge can also be used to make fence panels.

We also provide Oak sleepers which can be used to build retaining walls around flower beds and for fence posts. Sleepers aren’t suitable for construction, they can have rot in them as well as large dead knots.

Square Edged Kiln Dried

There are predominantly two grades of Kiln Dried Oak we supply, Prime and Light Character. When buying packs other grades are available. Kiln dried Oak is available in square edge boards both cut to size and planed all round.

Our cut to size product is great if you want to plain down and finish the timber yourself, we supply the nominal sizes and you can work it down to your required finish. We also supply sawn boards in packs, if you can take various widths and lengths.

The planed all round timber is smooth on all four long faces and supplied to your exact section size. The sizes are planed down by at least 6mm from the nominal size and ready for you to use.


We offer machining services in order to provide profiled Oak. This allows us to provide cladding, flooring, decking, skirting and architrave. We have set profiles for specific products but we can do custom designs if you need to match existing or would like to use a different design.

In order to provide a custom product we would need a sketch drawing from you with sizes in order to price it for you.

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