Articles: New Year New Offers

We hope you are all having a great start to 2020!

Siberian Larch

The New Year brings new offers on square edged Oak and some Siberian Larch cladding. The cladding is machined to IWC1, with a 135mm face. The cladding can be fixed horizontally or vertically depending on your requirements.

The amount available is enough to cover an area of 65m2 or lineal meterage of 482m. The boards are random lengths and the offered pack is over £300.00 cheaper than buying on the website. The grade is Fresh Sawn Sawfalling and the lengths are 3.0m and longer.

Prime Quality Oak Packs

Prime quality packs are the cleanest, most knot free packs available. These packs are prime on both sides, so can be used where both faces are seen, and you want there to be as few knots as possible.

The other advantage of being prime on both sides is that if there is only one side shown (for example if used for flooring, decking or cladding), you get to choose which face you prefer.

A 1 Face Oak Packs

This grade of timber is ideal if you want to see the prime Oak when you can hide the back face. It’s a more cost effective grade than Prime and still offers the same incredible finish for cladding, decking and flooring in particular.

A/B Grade Oak Packs

A/B grade packs are a mixture of light character and prime Oak on each face. You might get parts without knots and then some parts of the same board which are full of character. As an average the boards sit between the two grades.

Light Character Grade Oak Packs

Light Character Oak is the most cost effective kiln dried Oak we supply. It contains knots, although they are all sound and there are no dead knots. Also known as joinery grade, Light character Oak is used when a more traditional finish is required.