Articles: End of Year Deals

At the end of every year we try to offer a variety of timber packs at exceptional prices to help everybody get in the Christmas spirit and ring in the New Year with a quite fabulous deal. The packs on offer this year are a range of both European Oak and Ash at varying grades.

Oak is available in:

  • Prime
  • Prime 1 face
  • Light Character

Ash is available in:

  • FAS Quality

The Oak available has a wide range of uses both internal and external, there are a variety of grades for you to choose from and the prime 1 face is particularly good value for jobs where you only see one side, for example cladding.

Although Ash isn’t durable enough to be used externally it is heavily used internally for furniture, shelving, skirting and architrave as well as tools and sporting equipment. Ash is easy to work with and treat so you get the finish that you require.

Other packs available

There are also a wide range of Oak packs available on our website, some are available at discounted prices on our offers page and you can find more by filtering through on the packs page itself.

Packs are available for delivery/collection in 5-7 working days so they are a lot quicker than a lot of the products we sell. Which is an advantage if you can find a pack(s) you can work with that has the right quantity.

Not every pack we have is on the website so if you are struggling, email through the kind of pack you are looking for and we’ll do our best to find one that would suit your requirements.