Articles: National Tree Week

National Tree Week runs from 23/11/19 – 01/12/19 and is dedicated to the planting of new trees throughout the UK. There are events dedicated to planting trees running around the country and it is easy to get involved.

Every year since 1975 there has been a week every year where we are encouraged to celebrate and start to think about how we can help our trees prosper. When you hear about deforestation, and disruption that it causes, the stories come from afar and it can be difficult to realise that we can make a difference in the UK. Every tree that’s planted helps the environment and helps to make sure we don’t lose a valuable resource.

As members of the FSC®, PEFC and Grown in Britain we are already actively making sure that we are buying timber from responsibly managed forests. But increasing the forestry land in the UK is about more than just cultivation and harvesting. Forests are also the centre of a lot of outdoor activity not to mention being suitable habitat for a lot of our wildlife.

The woodland Trust

The woodland trust run planting events throughout the year, and they are actively encouraging people to get involved. You can do this by volunteering, donating, campaigning and spreading the word about events they are hosting. There is a lot of information on their website on what they do and how they help to try and increase the population of trees here in the UK.

To help raise money they don’t just accept donations but they also run a raffle for cash prizes which is something that you might want to get involved in. There are hundreds of chances to win and you can help make a real difference.

You can also buy trees from the trust to plant yourself or allow them to plant for you.