Articles: Buy Oak Slats Online

We are now supplying European Oak slats which can be used as a contemporary slatted screen in the garden. After the success of our Cedar slats we think that Oak will give you a wider range of choice, so you get the product you want.

We provide Oak slats in Kiln Dried AB Quality grade, which lies between the usual Prime and Light Character grades we supply. There will be a few knots in the timber and parts of the wood will look like light character and some will be more like prime. The Oak is a light brown in colour and it will go silvery grey unless treated properly.

The Slats are available in 19mm x 45mm and 19mm x 95mm sections and are supplied in random lengths up to the number of linear metres you require. When getting your quote, you can calculate the number of metres you need by entering the width and height of the area you need and the gap between the slats (in mm) in the quantity calculator. The online calculator also gives you a quantity with 10% on top for waste and cutting down.

Advantages of Using Oak Slats

European Oak is ideal for outdoor use and is exceptionally durable so it will last a lot longer than other timbers. In order to protect your Oak Slats from warping you should seal them so that moisture can’t get in. This will help to stop the slats expanding and then shrinking.

Oak is also good to work with and can be fitted well using stainless steel nails or screws (It’s important to use stainless steel in order to avoid blue stains appearing on the timber). We also tell people to pre-drill any holes in the Oak to avoid splitting and to rest the timber on the nail/screw head.