Articles: Fire Treated Timber

We have recently completed a job where we were involved in providing timber for fire treatment. The timber was being used for cladding on a newly built warehouse. The timber was machined to a Rainshield profile and then delivered to the treatment plant.

Although we delivered to the treatment plant, we were not actually involved in the treatment process itself. The fire treatment was applied by PTG treatments and we would highly recommend them if you are thinking about fire treating your timber.

These pictures of the fire treated timber were taken during and after the completion of the project:

What is fire treated timber?

Fire treatment is applied to timber to help it be more fire retardant and is often specified by architects on new builds when using cladding. Timber can be enhanced to either Euroclass B or C, or, National Class 0, 1 or 2 through the use of fire treatments. The treatment is applied to the timber before the cladding is applied to the building.

Fire treatment is to help make sure the timber is safer in the unfortunate event of a fire. The treatment will help to slow down the spread of flame along the surface of the wood and reduce the amount of smoke given off.