Articles: Why should I choose Engineered Oak Flooring?

When choosing what wooden flooring to put down it is important to recognise how solid wood and engineered boards will act and in what environments they work best in. Our engineered oak flooring is an ideal product for use throughout your home and can be comfortably laid on top of underfloor heating. Its high moisture resistance also makes sure that the flooring doesn’t move throughout the seasons.

The engineered oak flooring has a layer of solid oak on top which is the face you see and then the engineered backing is underneath. Each board is machined to a T&G profile around all 4 sides to ensure a good fit. We always recommend seeking out a professional to fit your flooring for the best possible finish.

The durability of this flooring makes it suitable for both domestic and commercial use (even in high traffic areas like corridors and by the kettle). There are a variety of finishes that can apply to your flooring to protect it and keep the colour, however, please take care when moving around appliances and furniture so that you don’t scratch the surface.

Unlike the majority of products we sell which are produced and cut to order, we bring in engineered wood flooring in packs, so we will send you enough packs to cover your area (plus your selected wastage). Due to the Engineered flooring being packs we can also deliver it to you quicker than normal with lead times being around 7-10 working days.

What finishes and grades are available for engineered oak flooring?

There are two grades of oak available, Prime and Rustic. The Prime will have a small amount of knots and any knots found will be small, whereas, the Rustic oak will have many knots and some may be large dead knots. Any knots in the timber will be pre-filled so that they don’t catch on bare-feet.

The prime oak is only available unfinished so you will have to apply your own treatment whereas the rustic is available untreated and finished in the following styles:

  • Natural, Oiled
  • Natural, Invisible Oil
  • Natural, Lacquered
  • Pearl
  • Charcoal
  • Coffee
  • Smoked