Articles: Oak Gazebos and Pergolas now available

We often get asked about supplying wood to build garden structures which people are going to either work on themselves or ask a joiner for help with. So, we have now decided to provide Oak Gazebos and Oak Pergolas in kit form, so they are ready be assembled on delivery.

We have been developing an easy to use online structure builder which will enable you to build your own custom Gazebo or Pergola online and get instant pricing. Each structure has its own fully customizable options for your own bespoke product.

Each Oak Gazebo and Pergola is machined bespoke to your order and we will produce drawings for your approval before we begin your project. These drawings give a scaled representation of what your garden structure will look like.

All of the joinery work is done for you so all you need to do is find a builder to put the structure up for you. You won’t need to do any work on the timber as that will already be done prior to you receiving it.

What Oak Gazebos and Pergolas are available?

For Gazebos there are a few different options to choose from in terms of overall design. You can choose to have square, rectangular, round and hexagonal shaped gazebos and then customise the overall size.

For the Square and rectangular Gazebos you can also choose which style roof you would like. The two main shapes are hipped and gable roofs with there being a third option for a gable roof with trusses included. For the Round and Hexagonal only a hipped roof is available

There are also other options for roof boarding, cedar shingles and softwood or Oak battens. And to top it off you can choose to have cladding or balustrades along the sides. On round and Hexagonal Gazebos all but one section will be covered by the side of your choosing whereas on the other gazebos you can choose which sides and ends are covered.

Pergolas are a lot more standardised than the gazebos. The main customizable features of the pergolas are the size (the only restraint on size being the width). You can also customise the shaping at the ends of your headplates and crossmembers and specify how many crossmembers you would like.

You can adjust the overhang to your own preference and build an Oak Pergola with crossmembers which only overhang on one side.

So go ahead and start building your own structure today to get the perfect addition to your garden!