Articles: Painted Black Cladding

We are now selling painted black cladding which we are able to deliver within 3-5 days (larger orders may take longer depending on stock availability). Painted black cladding is only available in our newest profile IWC14 which is a rebated feather edge profile with relief grooves behind.

The IWC14 profile which this timber is available in has relief grooves on the back of the board which helps the timber to expand and contract without warping so much. There is also a rebate which makes it easier to overlap each board as you fix them.

The cladding comes pre-treated so you can fix it straight away although you will eventually need to retreat it with a clear treatment like Osmo 420 in order to keep the colour from fading. When you cross cut the timber to the lengths you need you will reveal a clean face which you will need to paint to make it match, for this, we recommend Coo-Var Matt Paint.

The painted cladding has a uniform finish which consist of three layers of black paint. There is also a base coat of anti-fungal coating which helps to stop mould forming on the board.

Are there alternatives to painted black cladding?

If you would like black cladding but would like a different profile and/or finish, then you can always look at our charred black cladding. Charred black is available in a wider range of profiles and can be supplied T&G, Shiplap, Rainshield and Feather-Edge.

The one disadvantage of the charred black cladding is the lead time, because it is machined/sawn to order, and then charred the lead time is around 6-8 weeks. Also, the charred cladding is only available in random lengths of 2.7m and longer so you will get boards which are longer and shorter than each other.