Articles: Buy Greenheart Wood today

As the demand for quality and durability grows, we are selling more and more tropical timbers like Greenheart which are ideal in construction and marine environments. Both teak and Greenheart wood have exceptional durability and they are each designed to be used in the most strenuous of circumstances.

Greenheart is more than capable of being in constant contact with water which it what makes it especially good for bridges and piers. The structural nature of this timber means that it is not often used for decking or flooring but wood can be machined to profile when necessary.

The immense stature of this timber makes it highly desirable when being used in heavy constructional and marine environments because it has a long lifespan and can last over 20 years. The timber will weather to a silvery grey when bleached by UV light, however, you can treat greenheart wood but it can be difficult.

You can enquire about Greenheart wood on our website, send us your cutting list and we’ll get back to you with a price. Unfortunately, we can’t provide instant pricing online, because we have to check the availability in order to quote for your timber.

More About Greenheart Wood

The greenheart tree (Chlorocardium Rodiei) is native to Guyana and Suriname in South America. The natural habitat of the tree is rainforest and it’s mainly commercially sourced from Guyana. The tree is found in small areas of Suriname, along the Maratakka river, and it is claimed that there are some areas in Venezuela where the tree grows (These claims are unsubstantiated).

The tree is a tall evergreen which can grow anywhere from 15m to 40m tall and the diameter of the trunk is between 350mm and 600mm. The colour of the wood is a light green through to a dark olive and can have dark brown or black streaks running through it.