Articles: Make sure to get all your cladding accessories

Not only do we supply top quality cladding we also provide the accessories to go with them! For all the different species of cladding on offer we supply:

  1. Fascias

Fascias are used to house the roof of the structure you are cladding so that the underside cannot be seen.

  1. Corner Pieces

Corner pieces are available in two different kinds, one piece and two piece, these are designed to join your cladding around corners to protect the ends of your boards. The one piece sits flush whereas the two-piece can be proud or flush depending on your preference.

  1. Battens

Battens are used for fixed the cladding to the wall. Usually they are spaced out every 600mm and should be fitted in the opposite direction to your cladding. So, if you are cladding vertically then fix the battens horizontally and vice versa.

We can also provide the cladding accessories charred black or in Tiga wood where required.

What else do you need?

Well you will also need copper or stainless steel screws to fix your cladding (stainless steel would be preferable). Any other screws will be corroded by the natural acidity of the timber and your cladding could be stained because of the rusting of the metal.

You may also want to buy a breathable membrane to sit behind your cladding. This will help to prevent rot from building and will keep the air flowing behind the cladding.