Articles: How are Oak Boards Supplied?

Kiln dried oak boards are ideal for internal and external joinery and is supplied ready for you to work on. You can shape/machine the timber to your own specification and we supply the wood sawn to your dimensions which you can specify (Please bear in mind that there is a slight margin for discrepancy on the width and the boards will be supplied over length).

All of our cut to size timber is supplied in fixed thicknesses which you can select from. The thickness still may not be exact because the timber is sawn to a certain thickness before being entered into the kiln and then shrinks down as the kiln dries the timber out. This means that you may end up with a thicker thickness than selected (if you need more precise size then you may want to look at our planed timber).

We supply Oak boards regularly to furniture manufacturers, flooring contractors and joiners. These professionals all find the bespoke pack that they receive to be excellent quality and easy to work with. We recommend stating the exact lengths that you need (even though they will be supplied overlength) because the shorter the board the less the price will be per m3. So don’t order purposely overlength to cut down.

We paint the ends of the boards in order to seal the timber and stop moisture re-entering it. This is to help prevent swelling and warping of the wood. When using it you will need to apply the necessary treatment to make sure the wood keeps its quality, if you would rather receive the wood without painted ends then please let us know in the special instructions box on the shopping basket page.

Are there different grades of Oak Boards Available?

We supply two different grades of kiln dried oak which are prime and light character. Each of these grades are high quality and great to work with. Prime Oak is the highest grade of Kiln dried Oak we offer, this timber has very few knots and any knots in the wood will be small.

Light character, on the other hand, will contain knots. None of these will be large dead knots and some people prefer to have the knots to bring character to their work. One thing to consider though is that character grade Oak is only currently available up to 80mm thick whereas prime can come out of a 100mm board.

Oak boards can be crafted into exceptional outdoor furniture like oak chair swings and benches. Due to Oak’s astounding endurance, garden furniture and outdoor structures, can be enjoyed for years and years. So when looking to build your product starting with Oak is a great choice.