Articles: The Highest Quality Decking Timber

Decking is one of the products that we supply machined to profile ready for you to treat and install. Our best selling decking timber is Oak and for good reason, not only is it durable and easy to work with, it is also look’s great and is ideal for external use (decking and cladding being some of its main uses).

Oak is a one of our best natural resources and is great for decking because it is tough enough to be able to withstand the wear and tear of every day life through the summer and can withstand the harsher weather of winter. As long as the timber is treated and sealed correctly Oak should be protected from movement and warping to make sure you get the most from your decking.

We supply decking timber in both Reeded and Anti-Slip profiles. These profiles are all designed to give the most amount of grip under foot during wet conditions. To help keep the wood as ‘grippy’ as possible you can apply an anti-fungal treatment which will stop the build up of mould which could become slippery and damage the timber.

When choosing your Oak decking there are a couple of grades available which are Prime and Light Character. Both of these are kiln dried with the difference being the knot content. If you would like minimal knots then Prime is the grade you would need, if you want a few knots then the Light Character would be the way to go.

My Decking Timber Has Gone Silver Grey is there any way of getting it back?

There is a brand new product on the market which can help to get the colour of your timber back if it has been turned silvery grey. It’s called “Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel” and is available from Wood Finishes Direct. The product works by being brushed into a timber which hasn’t been oiled for a few years. We recommend trying it first on a small area your decking to make sure it works.

The ideal way to stop your decking timber from turning silvery is to treat it with a UV protection oil from the get-go. By reapplying this treatment you can protect your wood for longer and preventative treatment is also easier to apply.