Articles: Buying Cedar Fence Slats

All of our slats are supplied in set lengths so you will most likely need to cut them down to size on site and we supply two section sizes of 45mmx18mm and 95mmx18mm. These slats are provided in both the British and Canadian Cedar so you can choose the look you want.

Our new Cedar Fence Slats page has been designed to make it as easy as possible to order your slats. To start with choose the species that you want, for durability and minimal knots choose Canadian and for a more characterful timber which has a more uniform colour go for British.

Then to help us work out an estimate for the number of slats you need choose a gap size of either 5mm or 10mm. These are standard gaps, however, you can use whatever gap you would like but please make sure you work out your required quantity rather than relying on the website in those instances.

The third part of the process is to tell us what section size you would like your cedar fence slats to be. We supply two sizes EX 2x1 and EX 4x1 and once again all you need to do is select which one you need.

The penultimate step is to tell us your panel sizes. The slats are supplied separately and don’t come in Panel form. We only take the size of your panel to help us work out what length slats you need and how many. Type in your Panel height and panel width and we’ll be able to work these out. The Panel width is the length you would like your slats to be and Panel height is to give us what area you need to cover per panel. If you are fitting your slats vertically then please invert these fields and type the height you need in the width and vice versa).

The final step is to enter the quantity you need in the totals box. Next to the Quantity box you should see there is a number which recommends how many slats you need per panel. You are free to enter any whole number in the box, so you can go either with our suggestion and times by the number of panels or your own calculations.

Do you supply any Accessories for Cedar Fence Slats?

We can supply softwood battens if you look at our cladding accessories page for which ever species you decide on and we can supply posts in British Cedar or Oak which you can look at in the beams section of our website.

If you need any help on deciding what kind of slats you need please get in touch on our online chat or give us a call on 01889 597 281.