Articles: Shiplap Cladding Makes Your Money Go Further

If you are looking to get the most out of your money when it comes to buying cladding it hard to look past shiplap. With Shiplap cladding you are not only buying high quality machining but the best designed cladding on the market with more benefits than any other form of board.

The superior way in which shiplap cladding is fitted to your wall provides ultimate security and weather protection. We supply shiplap in two standard profiles which are:

  • IWC6
  • IWC7

Both of these boards have the flagship groove running along the timber which helps to drain water away rather than letting it just run off the face of the board.

Installing shiplap cladding will make your money go further because it is a secure profile which is difficult to rip off the wall, so you know you have the best possible protection. This means that even under extreme circumstances any damage will be minimal.

The finished result from shiplap is astounding with its the smooth finish accompanied by the shallow groove which makes it so recognisable. You can make your cladding look more traditional by buying a knottier species like British Cedar or you can go for the cleaner modern look with our prime European Oak.

What are the Recommended Shiplap Cladding Species?

Depending on what you are looking for there are a few high-quality options for the species you use for your Shiplap cladding. The main identifiers are looks, durability and price.

British and Canadian Cedar are the better-looking species, and both have great colours in them. The Canadian Cedar is a darker red and has a lot of colour variation with very few knots whereas the British Cedar has little variation but does contain a lot of knots.

Durability and price almost go hand in hand, the more durable a timber is, the more expensive it tends to be. European Oak and Canadian Cedar are the two most durable species we supply and are both fantastic looking timbers. Prime Grade Oak and the Cedar both have very few knots so if you would like a durable and knotty timber then you ought to look at our light character grade Oak.

If you would like a sample of any of our timbers then just ask! You can either call us on 01889 597281, email or talk to us on our online chat either way we will be more than happy to help.